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The Coast of Northern Peru offers beautiful beaches and sunny weather all year round. 


"La Playa" is located at the beach of Los Organos, Peru, 15 minutes away from Mancora in front of the Los Organos Surf point.


Transport: Daily one hour flights from Lima to Talara or Piura are available followed by a one or two hour shuttle ride. Overnight busses (Oltursa and Cruz del Sur) depart Lima in the afternoon and arrive to Los Organos early the following morning.


Los Organos: At Los Organos there are many small stores, a market, pharmacies, a hospital, Banco de la Nacion, Internet and gas station. Visa and Visa Electron credit card holders can use the automatic teller located in the centre of Los Organos.


Climate: The Pacific Ocean is slightly warmer here due to the “El Niño” current. The pleasant warm climate has a year round temperature range of 25-33 Celcius. Seasons are almost non-existent with January through March being the warmest months and June to August being slightly cooler. It is sunny all year round.


Food: The abundantly varied marine life and the exotic fruits and vegetables of Peru offer you an incomparable eating experience. Local fisherman deliver to your door fresh catches like yellow-fin tuna, sea bass, oysters, squid, lobster, shrimp, octopus, swordfish, etc. ​


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